Mustard Soup is an ingenious idea. I have made many new friends through the group, mainly from the social evenings. Mustard Soup has pulled together people from the younger ms community, which is vitally important for people, especially young ms warriors to socialise. MS can be a very isolating condition. Without the friendly vibe of Mustard Soup, a lot of people would be alone, as many are uncomfortable visiting new places. It’s with massive thanks to Kelly for her dedication towards us all, you are a true genius”

Nick Jarvis, Progressive MS

So imagine, you step into the doctors barely being able to walk, no co ordination , no eyesight , no feeling , unable to express yourself. Oh and did I mention only being 17..? This is my story.

I had been to many GP appointments where I was told my diagnosis was stress, psychological and possibly carpal tunnel. Through an emergency appointment with DR Phipp at Lakenham Surgery (my saviour) a thorough examination was carried out. He then asked my mother and me to wait in the waiting room. Can you just picture how nervous we were?? Being called back in he told us he feared it was Multiple Sclerosis and that I had to be admitted to hospital to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital immediately.

Although most doctors would have left it there, he mentioned that there was a support group for young people with ms in Norwich called mustard soup – despite the circumstances I laughed at how funky the name was!! Cut long story short after various procedures with long names I began my treatment on Tysabri, a disease modifying drug. I remember asking the nurse for details of someone nice , with ms who I could turn to for support.

Little did I know that I would be contacting the founder of Mustard Soup who undergoes the same treatment as me! The first call to Kelly was long (not in a bad way) and hard to a certain extent to admit to myself that this was not a dream but actually was now reality. I can never repay her for the love , kindness and support she offered me, despite not knowing me nor what I look like. I honestly couldn’t say where I would be now without the support from Mustard Soup (all of you!!) but I can say that I would certainly not have finished my A levels let alone be preparing for university at UEA to study adult nursing. Thank you to my wonderful MS sister ”

Julia Schoppe, Relapsing Remitting MS

I first noticed mustard soup was meeting in Norwich earlier this year and decided to go along.  There were 5 people with MS, and their partners.  My wife and I spent a lovely evening chatting about each other’s MS stories and the obstacles faced.  I met up with Kelly and Kate after the event and although they seemed an unbreakable pair I was accepted into their group and have since met with them on numerous occasions.  At the next meet up a few months later there were about 25 people all sharing their stories and this seemed a fantastic way of getting together with other MS warriors.  I feel I have made an awful lot of friendship bonds since this.  After diagnosis there seemed not a lot of support available but with this group we support each other in any way we can.

Dave Hunt, Primary Progressive MS

As a Mum of someone with MS I have also found Mustard Soup helpful – I have found another friend in Kelly’s Mum ( I know we go back longer but I look forward to meeting up with her). It’s been good too to meet other people with MS and be part of this lovely group of people. I have learnt things and know that some are so much worse than Kate which helps put things into perspective. I think other parents would benefit too if they came.”

Lynne, Mum of Kate who has Rapidly Evolving Relapsing Remitting MS

No-one gets it like someone who’s got it. Mustard Soup is full of people who get it and there is nothing more valuable than this when you are faced with a condition like MS. A truly fantastic and welcoming bunch of people who I am proud to call my friends.